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      Economic Analysis; Investments; Foreign; Arbitrage (Economic); Economic analysis; foreign investment; international investment; investment arbitration; indirect expropriation; regulation; police powers: Administration [1]
      Economic and social rights; low cost housing; social aspects; right of housing; housing policy; social rights; right to adequate housing; aspect location; survey figures of social rights; obligation of progressivity; housing in Bogotá [1]
      Economic integration; democratic clause, clause of the Andean commitment by the democracy; restoration of democratic order [1]
      Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; Colombian Constitutional Court; Jurisprudence; International Law [1]
      Educación jurídica; globalización; derecho; facultades de derecho y globalización; Derecho; enseñanza; globalización [1]
      Efecto erga omnes; Fuentes del derecho internacional; Sentencias internacionales; Corte Interamericana de Derecho Humanos [1]
      Electric services; General Agreement on Trade in Services; Transmission and distribution of electricity; Natural monopoly; Third party access [1]
      Electronic commerce-Juridies aspects; Conflict of Laws; Conflict management; E-commerce; Competent Jurisdiction; Applicable Law; Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR; Online Dispute Resolution, ODR [1]
      Environment; source; rule; implementation; legislation; jurisdiction [1]
      Environmental protection; peremptory norms; obligations erga omnes; essential interests; normative hierarchy [1]
      environmental refugees; international legal instruments; multinational companies; new interpretation of the Refugee Convention; Refugee Convention [1]
      erga omnes effect; sources of international law; international jugdements; Inter-american Court of Human right [1]
      Estado de derecho; seguridad jurídica; codificación; sistematización [1]
      estandarización internacional; proceso de internacionalización empresaria; proyecto nacional [1]
      Estudios de coyuntura y crisis internacionales; relaciones colombovenezolanas; soberanía territorial; operaciones extraterritoriales; cooperación internacional; terrorismo [1]
      European Federation; Development aid; International Economic Integration; European Integration; Enhanced Cooperation; European Union [1]
      European Law; competition law; intellectual property law, IMS-Health Case; doctrine of essential facilities; Magill and Bronner [1]
      European Union; agriculture and state; dairy production; public policy; Common Agricultural Policies; dairy producers; agricultural public policies; public policy actors; policy paradigms [1]
      European union; family life; population movement; migration pattern; European Union; Free Circulation; Non-Community Citizens; right to Family [1]
      European Union; Private International Law; Rome I Regulation on applicable law to contractual obligations; distribution contract; Rome Convention [1]