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      Walter Benjamin; Charles Baudelaire; Franz Hessel; city; space [1]
      Walter Benjamin; Charles Baudelaire; Franz Hessel; ciudad; espacio [1]
      War of Independence 1810-1824; Chilean architecture, Historiography; Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Chile) [1]
      war; cinchona; liberal; entrepreneurs; Colombia [1]
      War; political language; republicanism; patriotism [1]
      Washington consensus; IMF; liberalism; political economy [1]
      watershed; National Environmental Information System (Sistema de Información Nacional Ambiental); management and territorial planning tools; National System for Disaster Risk Management (Sistema Nacional para la Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres); Water for [1]
      ways of coping; reliability; social support; stress [1]
      We-outlook; contractualism; utilitarianism; intersubjectivist; interest [1]
      we; emotional experience; aggregate sharing; determinate sharing; intersubjective mind [1]
      weather derivatives; stochastic process; mean reversion; seasonality [1]
      Weighted average cost of capital; firm valuation; tax shields; cash flows; Montecarlo Simulation; discount rate for tax shields; risky debt; risky tax shields [1]
      Welfare Regimes; Argentina; Uruguay; Historical Institutionalism; Union Movement. [1]
      Welfare state;"Status window";" State - subject"; targeting;differentiation; consultation; collective land titling; black communities [1]
      well-ordered society; citizenship; education [1]
      Wheat Mills; Architecture and History; Agriculture Industry; Puebla; Mexico; 19th Century; Key Words Plus: Agroindustry; Architectural Heritage; Industrial Heritage; Flour-Mills; Architecture; Puebla (México), 19th Century. [1]
      will of power; creation; body; Nietzsche [1]
      Williams Syndrome, intelligence, assessment, cognition, visual-spatial abilities. [1]
      Wilms tumor; bilateral; nephroblastoma; kidney neoplasms; nephrectomy; child; [1]
      Wirtschaftliche Integration; demokratische Klausel, Klausel von der Andenverpflichtung durch die Demokratie; Wiederherstellung demokratischer Reihenfolge [1]