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      Financial products; insurance brokers; unit-linked life assurance policies; capitalization operations the financial investment contract; antitrust; the liability of issuers and brokers; contractual and extra-contractual liability [1]
      Financial Reinsurance; Alternative Risks Transfer; Underwriting Risk; Timing Risk; Aggregate Limit [1]
      fronting; reaseguro [1]
      fronting; reinsurance [1]
      Grandes riesgos; normas indisponibles; control difuso; Solvencia II; consumidores; pequeñas empresas; interpretación contra stipulatorem [1]
      health insurance; claims severity; pricing; Statistical models; Health insurance [1]
      historia; compañías; siglo XX; Esbozo histórico; compañías aseguradoras [1]
      incurred-but-not-yet-reported loss amount; reported loss amount; asymptotic claim reporting rate; catastrophic loss index; nominal claim reporting rate [1]
      Indice temático [1]
      Insurance agreement; insurance policy; Liability insurance [1]
      Insurance companies; evolution of insurance companies; insurance; history; Havana; company; XIX century [1]
      Insurance companies; judgments; compensation(law); Insurance; action; insurance companies; judgment [1]
      Insurance companies; legislation; Colombia; Regulation; insurance companies; state intervention [1]
      Insurance contract; arbitration awards; arbitration tribunals; Prescription; prescription´s objective or tradicional notion (or concept); prescription´s subjective or modern notion (or concept); Estoppel Theory [1]
      Insurance contract; arbitration; arbitration tribunals; Prescription; prescription’s objective or traditional notion (or concept); prescription’s subjective or modern notion (or concept); Estoppel Theory [1]
      Insurance contract; damages; insurance; liability; civil liability insurance policy; victim’s direct action against the insured party; experience in Colombia [1]
      Insurance contract; good faith; bad faith; fraud; non-disclosure and misrepresentation; coexistence of insurance; overinsurance [1]
      Insurance law; damages; indemnification of damages; duty of redress; redress; sanctioning; civil liability [1]
      Insurance policy law (LCS); consumers; suppliers; consumption relation; protection; impact measures [1]
      Insurance policy; commercial business; amending legislation; expansion [1]