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      Labor supply; proportionalitv; Colombia; Short sales; capital market; proportionality; naked short selling; market making; shares and sovereign debt [1]
      latent defects; compensation for damages; contract of sale [1]
      lavado de activos; omisión de control [1]
      Law and literature; legal stories; corporal identity [1]
      law of war; international humanitarian law; international law of armed conflicts; non-international armed conflict; definition of armed conflict; non-international conflict existence guidelines; application margin of the international humanitarian law; co [1]
      Law; legal theory; communicative action; JÜRGEN HABERMAS; discourse theory [1]
      Laws; judicial process; judge-made law; popular iniciative; legislative initiative; reserved government initiative; popular initiative [1]
      Lawyers-advertising; advertising-lawyers; advertising-limits for lawyers; lawyer's statute in Colombia-consumer statute in Colombia; self-regulation advertising code [1]
      Lawyers-Disciplinary Liability; Disciplinary Responsibility-Lawyers; Dignity-Lawyers;Lawyers-Dignity [1]
      leasing; pequeñas y medianas empresas [1]
      leasing; small business. [1]
      Legal equilibrium; legal system; legal dynamics [1]
      Legal frame; accusatory system; Investigation; Opportunity Principle; International Standards; Agreements; Control of Guarantees judge; transaction; preliminary hearing; evidences; oral trial; warrant; equal opportunity; judge [1]
      Legal history; mesopotamian law codes; Codex Hammurabi; concept of law [1]
      Legal reasoning; Constitutional Court and its critics; critical legal studies; broadening and narrowing of the ratio decidendi; sources of law [1]
      legal right share; nature; support; inheritance law; spouse; compensatory [1]
      Legal theory; civil and political rights; justice administration; privileges and immunities; Military jurisdiction; Military; Military Justice; amendment to military jurisdiction [1]
      Legal theory; civil and political rights; legal system-Cuba; comparative law; Voluntary representation; inherent personality rights; availability [1]
      Legislación; ética médica; medicina legal; Genoma humano; bioderecho; derecho genético; principios éticos; principios jurídicos; declaraciones internacionales. [1]
      legislación; historia; función; codificación; ley de medidas [1]